Lovlee Tang, Mompreneur

"I help to empower adults and children through art. It is through combining natural elements with paints, recycled materials, and various forms of mixed media, that I encourage these artists to embrace their creativity, explore all creative possibilities, and express themselves through their unique works of art!" ~ Lovlee

Lovlee Tang is a #MommaOnAMission!

She is a wife, mother of four, artist, and entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Communications with a Minor in Theatre from Old Dominion University. After college, Lovlee began her career working with individuals with disabilities. Lovlee possesses over nine years of experience in managing group homes for individuals with intellectual and developmental abilities. Throughout her management career, Lovlee found ways to weave in the arts for her residents through creating group painting projects, and painting murals in the residential homes.  

Early in Lovlee’s journey as a mother, she knew that she wanted to be more present. This desire led her on a path to create businesses that would evolve with the growing needs of her family, while still providing a service to her community.

With her first two children only four and 10 months old at the time, Lovlee transitioned out of the corporate 9 to 5 schedule, and created Lovlee Day Academy, a home-based preschool in the Philadelphia, PA area.  Her preschool focused on teaching children through the use of art and sensory rich creative play.  This preschool was in operation for four years, before her family transitioned to Bloomfield, New Jersey in 2015.

Her love of sharing art led her to transition to building a second business and brand Lovlee Art Studios in Bloomfield, NJ in 2016. Lovlee Art Studios has creatively served hundreds of families, community members, schools, organizations, and corporations throughout New Jersey and beyond over the past seven years.

Lovlee comes from a long line of creative women, and she began painting, creating, and performing at a very young age. Lovlee has a unique style of creating art that is all her own. She loves to design her pieces of mixed media art through an unexpected blend of natural, textured, recycled/repurposed elements, combined with traditional arts and crafts materials.


Lovlee is on a mission to continue to bring her love for the arts and her love for people of all ages and abilities together to experience what Lovlee Art Studios have to offer.